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New social networking site helps financial sector job hunters

WallStJobs.com launches WallStreeters.net, harnessing social networkingís power

The fast-paced growth of social media continues, with a recent Nielsen Company report estimating that the average U.S. social media user spent more than six hours on such sites in December 2009—an 82 percent increase from the same time last year. More than 142.1 million unique users visited social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter in the last month of the year. Now, WallStJobs.com, a leading online career site for the financial services industry, is harnessing that burgeoning growth to help financial sector job seekers through the launch of WallStreeters.net.

WallStreeters.net is a unique multimedia site where job seekers, recruiters, and others can connect to share ideas, job offerings, tips, trends, video and audio files, and other information relevant to the industry. Created by Robert Graber, founder and CEO of WallStJobs.com, the site is designed to become an invaluable hub of resources for financial sector job seekers.

“WallStJobs.com is in the business of connecting financial professionals with career opportunities. In this tough market, it’s critical that we also support job seekers by providing a place for them to network with others in the financial community. Allowing them to share intelligence and find hidden opportunities for employment is the philosophy behind WallStreeters.net,” says Graber.

The site includes multimedia content, as well as tools to upload user-generated text, photos, video, and audio content. Users can create groups; smaller hubs of individuals interested in similar topics (e.g., alumni of a specific company or those seeking jobs in a specific location). Hosted live chats and message boards allow users to share information and ask questions. In addition, the site has a blog function where users can launch their own blogs or read blogs from other experts.

“The exponential growth of social networking makes it an increasingly integral part of a well-balanced hiring strategy or job search,” says Graber. “WallStreeters.net has the added advantage of its focus on the financial services community, giving participants powerful, industry-specific networking opportunities.”

For more information about WallStreeters.net, visit the site or call 516-873-8100.