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New recruitment app is “reinventing search”

JobSwipe is a revolutionary new recruitment tool designed to help job hunters find the perfect role in record time. The app is powered by an intelligent sorting tool called AdSwipe that has the ability to reinvent search, from jobs to cars.

JobSwipe is the first application of the patent pending AdSwipe technology. Filtering through over 3 million global jobs, the app refines and personalises each individual’s search, providing both jobseekers and employers a platform to target their customers much more effectively. Unlike traditional search engines, JobSwipe is tailored to the mobile and has an intuitive interface. It cuts through streams of data to curate a selection that is constantly being refined: the more swipes you do, the more it knows about what you’re looking for and subsequent suggestions will be up to a thousand times more targeted than a conventional search.

JobSwipe is a goldmine for data, according to the inventor of AdSwipe technology Rhys Maddocks. “Employers can also use the app to gauge potential demand for a job vacancy in their area and tailor their advertisement accordingly,” says Maddocks.

Google has much to learn from JobSwipe, warns Silicon Valley guru Sanford Dickert. The app “[exposes] to users the information Google keeps backstage, so they can optimise their own search,” says Dickert.

Despite being hailed by the Financial Times’s Jonathan Margolis as “possibly a reinvention of search” Maddocks has received little support in the UK. AdSwipe “could be a basis for a new British Google”, says Maddocks, but he has struggled to find funding in a country that is failing to invest in long-term tech growth. Last month Google’s Eric Schmidt spoke of the tendency of British entrepreneurs to sell up earlier than their US counterparts.