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MrTed to Kick Off 2010 with Revolutionary New Platform

Advanced Cloud Architecture, Application Portability, and Redesigned User Interface Highlight MrTedTalentLink Version 9, Launching December 31

MrTed today announced that the latest iteration of its flagship product – MrTedTalentLink v9 – will reach general availability on December 31, enabling users to kick-off the New Year in style with the world’s most advanced talent acquisition software platform.

For 10 years MrTed has been at the forefront of innovation in the cloud computing business, and MrTedTalentLink 9 continues the tradition. For the first time users can completely customize the MrTedTalentLink platform according to their unique needs and preferences – a significant achievement that has broad implications in terms of product usability and return on investment – and the architecture and user interface have been redesigned per the latest cloud computing protocols. The new platform reflects the desires of the user community with whom MrTed worked closely for three years to ensure the most flexible, enjoyable talent acquisition experience possible.

Introducing MrTedTalentLink 9

?This is an all-new breed of talent acquisition software that we believe users are absolutely going to love,? said Jerome Ternynck, CEO at MrTed. ?We have gone to great lengths to make Cloud 9 a special product that fundamentally changes the way recruiters interact with their talent acquisition platform. The response from early adopters has been tremendously positive. I’m happy to say that MrTed has once again set the standard for talent acquisition software.?

Leading research and advisory consulting firm Bersin & Associates, in their September 2009 assessment1 of the state of the talent acquisition market said MrTedTalentLink Cloud 9 ?brings the next generation Talent Acquisition Solution towards the market, (as it) will fully embrace the cloud computing technology and enhance its partnerships.?

Key Enhancements and Benefits

Advanced cloud computing technology – MrTedTalentLink 9’s new architecture is the result of over three years of research by MrTed. It features a configurable candidate database that can easily integrate data from any source, an independent business logic layer exposed through web services,
1 ?Talent Acquisition Systems 2010: Facts, Practical Analysis, Trends, and Provider Profiles?, Madeline Laurano, Principal Analyst, September 2009
and an on-demand user interface so recruiters can customize their own workspaces. This open architecture makes it fast and easy to connect with other talent management and HR applications, so users get the full benefit of cloud computing on their desktop.

A world of apps – MrTedTalentLink 9 presents business processes as portable application modules that users can turn on, turn off, or customize to create a truly personalized experience. Cloud 9 includes apps for all major business processes, including internal and external recruitment, outplacement, contingent workforce management, vendor management, candidate processing, time sheeting, offer management, on-boarding and more. Apps are portable and can be used with other systems and interfaces, while external applications developed by other vendors can be integrated inside the Cloud 9 workspace. By leveraging the power of MrTed apps, users can enjoy the benefits of a personalized platform that meets their individual needs and preferences.

Dynamic user interface – MrTedTalentLink 9 users are free to configure and rearrange apps in order to create a personalized workspace and navigation experience. The dynamic interactivity of the user interface allows apps to be resized, dragged, dropped and even layered. Even though the interface processes large amounts of data, Cloud 9’s asynchronous data retrieval keeps the presentation layer running quickly and smoothly—a result that can only be described as enjoyable for the user. Users spend most of their time in a dynamic and personalized workspace, rather than jumping from screen to screen or module to module. In this way MrTedTalentLink more closely resembles a favorite website than like an enterprise software program.

?We’ve all seen or experienced enterprise software that claims to be flexible and user friendly but is not,? said Robert Chwastek, MrTed’s VP Product Development. ?What stands out about MrTedTalentLink 9 is the extent to which the product can be shaped to meet each user’s individual requirements. This truly is the most open enterprise software product with which I’ve seen, and that openness is key to increasing user adoption, user productivity and user enjoyment.

For more information about TalentLink 9 visit www.mrted.com.