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Launch of Innovate CV Set to Change the Global Recruitment Marketplace

Next generation online CV platform that helps the whole ecosystem

Innovate CV (www.innovatecv.com), a global interactive CV platform, has launched today, providing recruitment professionals and candidates alike with a fast, efficient and secure way of creating, editing, distributing, validating and tracking a CV. Innovate CV also provides partner recruitment agencies with a creative way of gaining competitive advantage.

The UK recruitment industry recorded a turnover of GBP27 billion (US$50 billion) in 2007-08, up 1.3% from 2006-07. In addition, recent research found that 50% of all respondents in the US currently have an online resume, have a resume posted online or have a professional profile on a job or career website.

The sector has waited for a mechanism that will radically improve the way in which CVs are presented and managed. In today's Web 2.0 environment, Innovate CV is a new proposition that is set to be the next big thing in the recruitment market.

By allowing candidates to stand-out from the crowd, show personality and create a CV that includes work samples, charts and graphs, audio, video and images, recruitment agencies will better be able to identify the right person for the job, whilst being able to maintain their current business model.

Innovate CV provides agencies with many advantages, including:

· Making the initial selection more effective and efficient, with far more insight upfront, so saving Consultants valuable time

· The ability to track each CV through its unique URL, so that the Consultant is able to follow up in confidence, with less need for cold calls, and more time spent on calls that are likely to result in new business

· No more debate on who owns a candidate due to increased transparency, ensuring fees are paid

· Complete trust in a secure and non searchable database

· Easy integration with existing systems - and no change to current processes, simply an enhancement to them

· A tool that can be completely branded as the partner agencies own, broadening its offering to clients and candidates

· Streamlining of international recruitment

· The Capability to offer candidates more, through a Career Centre that will include some of the most interactive training courses on the market – so helping fill any skill-gaps and in turn making candidates more marketable.

Innovate CV is focused on building relationships with recruitment agencies through a straightforward integration that includes a re-branded Agency Portal. Innovate CV has already seen market validation that has exceeded expectations.

Recruitment agencies that partner with Innovate CV will stand-out to current and prospective clients, pioneering and using a real-time format. Clients will gain more information about an applicant at the early stages and will be able to make decisions more quickly. The additional clarity and information presented will reduce the need for outside research and validates candidates, saving companies time and money.

Daniella Winton, who started in the recruitment industry over 20 years ago and is currently Director of Sales and Marketing for Innovate CV, commented:

“The CV is desperately in need of reinvention. It is outdated and in order to attract the top talent, recruitment agencies need to embrace new technology that will enhance their current processes. There is no doubt that those recruitment agencies that partner with Innovate CV will have the ability to make more placements in less time, resulting in increased profitability”

Innovate CV also hopes to speed up the process of reference checking, a process which is traditionally time consuming and frustrating for consultants and employers, due to a lack of disclosure.

Daniel Lyons, Founder of Innovate CV added:

In all our discussions with employers - one thing has come through loud and clear: the process of background checking needs to be made much easier than it is today. Over a quarter (27%) of the UK population are believed to have lied on their CV. Recruitment can be a costly process and our platform allows employers to get a much more comprehensive view of a professional with validated credentials. Innovate CV is the most effective and efficient route for agencies and employers to get their recruitment processes right.

In essence, Innovate CV takes a brand new approach to all elements of the recruitment industry and turns the world of the paper CV (or the word document attachment) on its head.”