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JobServe premieres its new one-stop Recruitment Dashboard

JobServe today announced the release of its new ëadvertiser dashboardí

JobServe today announced the release of its new ‘advertiser dashboard’.

Based on customer feedback, the new ‘advertiser dashboard’ puts all information needed to manage an account with JobServe in one spot.

In a novel development, JobServe is now displaying a range of performance indicators including applications delivered, jobs live and expiring, and a constantly updating account status.

The new dashboard interface is being premiered on the JobServe website as a ‘beta release’, and is available for both new and existing advertisers to trial alongside the previous version, prior to its full release in a few weeks time.

This latest development from JobServe further supports recruiters in their increasingly demanding roles by presenting both pertinent and relevant information within easy reach. A wealth of shortcuts and valuable calls-to-action are provided, further simplifying the recruiter’s task.

Wendy Cowell, Global Sales Manager, said “the new advertiser dashboard is an exciting and significant front-runner in the current JobServe development roadmap.” Cowell continued, “Back in 1993, JobServe was the world’s first Internet Recruitment service. Through strong relationships we have continued to listen to our customers needs, and the new dashboard is a further example of us delivering against the feedback we receive.”

JobServe recognizes that many advertisers and recruiters work in different ways. Starting with the new dashboard, JobServe is breaking away from the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach offered by many job boards, and allowing advertisers to tailor their own online experience. We plan to continue this principal further through the many other exciting future products and innovations that we are working on.”

The recruiter dashboard brings together JobServe’s core product offerings into one easy-to-manage interface. Click paths for many activities are shortened, and information is presented in an attractive, logical, and intuitive manner.

If you would like further information on the Advertiser Dashboard, JobServe or its products and offerings, please contact Wendy Cowell on +44 (0)1621 817335 or visit http://www.jobserve.com