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Interested in trialling a new HR Reporting and Analytic tool?

Although HR professionals often collect a wealth of data, it invariably sits in a multitude of different systems and formats which are often hard to access let alone consolidate

  • Having difficulties quickly consolidating your HR and business data?

  • Drowning in spreadsheets?

  • Frustrated by the clunky and inflexible reporting provided by your existing HRIS?

  • Spending too much on BI tools designed without HR needs in mind?

  • Struggling to obtain any useful insights from your data?

Although HR professionals often collect a wealth of data, it invariably sits in a multitude of different systems and formats which are often hard to access let alone consolidate. Trying to do any kind of useful reporting or analysis can therefore be slow, laborious and often requires calling on internal IT resources or expensive consultants. To address this frustration, activ8 intelligence have designed a new HR reporting and analytics tool called HRintel.

Prior to a full launch later in the year, activ8 are currently in the process of recruiting 3 organisations to trial a beta version of the software. In exchange for constructive feedback on HRintel, we are offering the product at a heavily discounted rate of just £500 per month as well as providing free implementation and user training with no contractual tie in.

Fast, professional looking reports

The focus of HRintel is on enabling streamlined and efficient consolidated reporting from any number of disparate sources. HRintel comes with over 100 standard HR reports as well as an easy to use report writer for producing customised or one-off insights. Reports are accessed at the click of a button and automatically update as the data sources are refreshed. Reports can be viewed online, printed or exported into PowerPoint, Excel or Word. As HRintel is fully integrated with Microsoft Office, documents can be quickly emailed to interested parties, even if they do not have access to the original data sources. Information can be presented and arranged in a multitude of ways with over 20 different types of graphical charts and table formats to choose from.

HRintel has been designed to be exceptionally user friendly, meaning no IT knowledge or extensive user training is required to gain maximum benefit from the software.

Increased control and risk management

HRintel comes with a number of tools that can help support the day to day management of HR activity. These include a dashboard of customisable Key Performance Indicators that can be easily programmed to flag figures outside specified limits thereby quickly highlighting any hot spots that need action.

Whether you are using spreadsheets, HR Information Systems, enterprise wide business intelligence tools, HR analysts or a combination of these to capture and manage HR data, HRintel can quickly help streamline and increase the effectiveness of your reporting activity.

Power of a business intelligence tool at a fraction of the cost

HRintel is offered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. This means there is no need for expensive hardware, software, upgrades, installations or lengthy and costly implementations. Unlike other reporting solutions on the market, HRintel can be used on a rolling 3 month contract meaning you are not tied in to anything long term.

If you are interested in trialling the beta version of HRintel and would like to see a demo, then please contact Kerry on 07534 929692 or by return of this email. Further information on HRintel can also be found at www.a8i.co.uk