Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Industry veterans offer recruiters business growth through innovative support model

A new consultancy launched which aims to help recruitment businesses adapt and thrive in a challenging market by combining strategic expertise with hands-on change delivery.

Elite Squared is the result of a merger between Carter Squared and Elite Leaders, and provides owners and directors with the operational insight and interim support to transform their talent and business model.

The concept was developed by Carter Squared’s Founder Steve Carter in response to the testing market conditions, as he explained: “When you consider the immense challenges faced by the industry and the constant state of change, owners and directors find it almost impossible to keep pace and then position their business and staff for success and potentially exit. The ability to access a vast array of experience on an interim or consultancy basis gives them a distinct competitive advantage.”

CEO of Elite Leaders, John O’Sullivan is excited about the full-service Elite Squared is able to offer clients. He added:

“Having a specialist team of senior operations executives to support members with, we can not only advise on the best potential strategy but implement it effectively to ensure members fulfil both their commercial potential and owner ambitions.”

“The formation of Elite Squared gives our members a distinct advantage by accessing any combination of our collective expertise and then being able to support that with talented and inspirational leaders on either a project or regular support and review basis. Having worked closely with Steve at an existing ‘shared’ client, the very positive impact is clearly evident.”

Elite Squared is based on a concept conceived by Steve Carter when he launched Carter Squared in 2015. He sought to break away from the traditional NED mould and provide insights to owners and directors, but more importantly then execute those plans with hands-on support to implement change; to date the results have been outstanding.