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Dice launches new innovative integrated search platform

Dice®, the online career site for the technology community, has released a new search platform for tech recruiters in the UK.

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This new Talent Search product combines Dice’s CV database with millions of profiles from the award winning social recruiting tool Open Web. The immediate benefit is time efficiency, customers are now able to view profiles in one place.

Open Web aggregates publically available data from over 180 social and professional sites, enabling recruiters to get an enriched picture of a candidate  and understand their suitability for a role, it also provides the ability to craft a tailored message and connect via multiple channels including email and social.

There are a number of filters that exist within Talent Search that can be used to improve relevancy. Filter on skills, location, contact method available, likely to switch, professional background and more. You can also filter profiles that have a Dice CV attached, enabling recruiters to target active candidates only.

The likely to switch feature, uses over 60 signals to determine how likely a candidate is to switch jobs. These signals include engagement levels on the Dice website, employment history, current time in their existing job and industry trends. Predictive analytics takes away the manual legwork, often required to define a candidate’s appetite to switch roles.

The candidate’s range of skills is presented in a doughnut visual, this provides a quick view of the candidates experience and capabilities. This combined with the other features outlined above, provides a powerful new way to find tech talent.

Jamie Bowler, Marketing Director at Dice Europe, said; “Talent search provides a more efficient way to search, engage and connect with tech professionals. We are constantly striving to improve the customer’s workflow, we believe Talent Search has delivered on this, it provides a single interface that connects recruiters with millions of active and passive tech candidates.”

A video explaining how to use Talent Search tool is available here.

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