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Coensus-hr launches psychometric assessments

Thousands of organisations across the world have used Prevue’s HR software, assessments and Applicant Tracking System to build stronger workforces and reduce attrition, whilst reducing costs by improving the recruitment process.

Thanks to the vision of Ray King, Director of LMI-UK, the suite of products and services designed to help organisations recruit better, are now available in the UK under the Coensus-hr brand.

King explained the decision to launch Coensus-hr: “I have been in the people development business with LMI-UK for many years, but in recent years, one of the growing problems my clients have faced is not just recruiting the right individuals, but retaining them and ensuring they are as productive as possible.

“This constant churn of employees, who are either in the wrong role or the wrong organisation is costing UK SMEs a significant sum; money wasted that could be better spent on growing the business or developing the talent within the workforce.

“The range of psychometric assessments is designed to help organisations recruit the candidate most suited to the role and the best-fit for the team they will join. And to make the process quicker, easier and more accurate, whilst reducing the effort required by the in-house HR team or senior managers.

“For too long, employers have relied on reading a lot of CVs, holding interviews and quizzing candidates about what they have written on the CV – unsurprisingly this offers little insight into the person behind the CV.

“Coensus-hr will help automate the recruitment process and take the pressure off an organisation’s resources, with a far greater reliance on science, rather than gut-instinct.

“The process gives a much fuller picture of the individual, assessing their mental abilities, their interests & motivations and their personality. Importantly, the resulting report offers an overall suitability score, measured against a benchmark for the role – benchmarks exist for over 1000 roles.

“Recognising areas of an individual’s personality that might warrant closer examination, the reports also contain suggested interview questions that will help organisations understand the person that will actually turn up for work on day one.

“It is difficult for organisations to understand which candidate best suits the role on offer, but it is equally difficult to understand why certain individuals perform better than other team members. By assessing everyone within an organisation, employers can identify the future leaders within the team and those who need more support to unlock the potential within.

“The science of assessments is beginning to change the face of recruiting and people development. It is now available in the UK and offered with an unlimited-use licence, a serious game changer for organisations looking to cut the cost of recruitment – which must surely be every one of them.