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Canadian Hi-Tech Startup Introduces Job Interview Simulator for iPhone

Would you like to practice your answers for an upcoming job interview while sipping a latte at Starbucks? Yes, thereís an app for that

Would you like to practice your answers for an upcoming job interview while sipping a latte at Starbucks? Yes, there’s an app for that.

Resumo Inc, an Ontario based e-recruitment specialist, in collaboration with Perfect Interview LLC from New Jersey is introducing Perfect Interview™ Graduate Edition, an iPhone app that immerses you in a realistic and compelling job interview experience. The app includes over 400 challenging interview questions, example answers, and informative tutorials in high quality video. Job seekers can video record their responses so they can see exactly how they look and sound when answering the questions, and they can even share completed interviews with friends and colleagues for feedback and advice.

Davor Miskulin, founder and president of Resumo, Inc, elaborates:

“The problem these days isn’t just unemployment, it’s the length of unemployment. More highly qualified people are remaining unemployed longer. Their resumes are solid so they get interviews. But the repeated rejections can affect their self-confidence. Perfect Interview™ not only gives job-seekers chance to practice and prepare but also provides the opportunity to see themselves as employers see them. You can practice as often as you like and customize your interviews to fit your level of experience, and you can even upload the results of your interview to our website for sharing.”

The world is no stranger to computer simulators but up till now they’ve mostly been all fun and games. “Some simulators put you in the cockpit of a 747 or behind the wheel in a NASCAR event. Perfect Interview™ puts you in the hottest seat of all – being on the answering end of an important job interview. I tell people to think of it as a flight simulator for their career.”

According to Miskulin, in today’s highly competitive job market, having the qualifications just isn’t enough. “It’s a buyers market. Everyone knows that. Being qualified will get you in the door. After that the employer is looking at how well prepared and how confident the candidate appears during the interview. You’re going to walk into a room where one person knows all the questions and the answers they want to hear. Now, with Perfect Interview™, you can know them too.”

More information and a demo of the Perfect Interview simulator can be found at www.perfectinterview.com/iphone.html or contact Davor Miskulin at dm@resumo.biz or +1 416 602-9130.