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Cambridge Network launches jobs board powered by ThisWay Global’s machine learning technology

Cambridge Network, the biggest membership organisation in Cambridge with the top jobs board for members has partnered with ThisWay Global, a Cambridge-based technology company that has launched a software platform powered by machine learning for the global talent acquisition market.

ThisWay Global’s ‘Jobs as a Service’TM cloud-based API and platform, powered by machine learning technology, has been integrated into Cambridge Network’s jobs board service, known as Recruitment Gateway.

Recruitment Gateway will now be transformed with innovative dynamic profile capability, removing conscious and unconscious bias in candidate profiling, identifying quality matches between candidates and employers.

The new Recruitment Gateway, powered by ThisWay Global, will enhance the user experience by developing CV’s into dynamic profiles that interact with the machine learning technology to deliver opportunities that are well suited to both the candidates and businesses.

Angela Hood, CEO at ThisWay Global, commented:

“This is an excellent example of how machine learning can enhance the recruitment process for both businesses and individuals and improve the talent acquisition process, saving businesses both time and money.

“Cambridge Network sits at the heart of the Cambridge community, which is filled to the brim with top quality candidates, driven entrepreneurs, innovative academics and established international power houses, all looking for quality candidates or the ideal job.

“Our technology, combined with Cambridge Network’s Recruitment Gateway, will enable the right candidates to find the right job at the right time.”

Claire Ruskin, CEO at Cambridge Network, commented:

“We met ThisWay Global as a member and discovered how relevant the technology is to what we do in recruitment. The operational and technical expertise levels demonstrated by ThisWay Global are encouraging us to take some big steps in what we do for the benefit of our members.

“In the future I believe ThisWay Global’s technology can help in the long path from earliest education to the most fulfilling employment. The IP looks good and our experiences with the technical and operational team are very strong.”

Claire Angus, Head of Recruitment at Cambridge Network, added:

“We think candidates will love the new product and that it will help fit more people with high potential into the high value jobs here. That is what Recruitment Gateway is all about.”

ThisWay Global’s machine learning algorithm understands individual interests, preferences, skills, talents and aspirations to identify appropriate recruitment opportunities and will enable Cambridge Network’s member companies to more efficiently find and attract quality candidates.

ThisWay’s platform streamlines the recruitment process by matching high-quality candidates to the most relevant job opportunities using its machine learning algorithm. Its product has been developed to work as a stand-alone service, a bolt-on technology or can be licensed out to businesses.

Cambridge Network is a key resource for organisations in the region, offering a number of streamlined programmes including training, peer groups and recruitment. Cambridge Network was founded in 1998 by an influential group comprising the then Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, now Lord Broers, with a group of businessmen and entrepreneurs.

ThisWay closed its European seed funding round at the end of 2016 and launched its Artificial Intelligence (AI) software platform, GPS, at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas in March 2017. Following high levels of customer interest on the back of the product launch, ThisWay is now raising a further $7.0m+ funding round focused on it’s rapid growth in North America, as well as further global expansion in European and Asian markets.