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Actonomy announces the release of xMP Data Services

As a pioneer in HR knowledge management, Actonomy is now offering a suite of advanced services allowing recruitment professionals to optimise the recruitment process by making use of:

  • Insight in how job titles can provide a better corporate branding by using the best possible description for a given job;
  • Insight in how job titles and skills are related and how the finding of candidates can be improved;
  • Insight in how job descriptions can be enhanced using data analyses of millions of job descriptions;
  • Insight in how candidate profiles can match better with open job opportunities.

‘xMP Data Services is our next step in big data management solutions’, says Filip De Geijter, CEO Actonomy, ‘since we first introduced our HR ontology years ago, we have continuously developed the rich data and this is now resulting in a new service that will not only give an insight in data (as most of the big data solutions on the market) but that will also direct recruiters to create better job descriptions, to get more response and to create a better corporate branding’.

Actonomy has been known as a leading vendor in semantic search & match technology. The new offer complements the offering and targets any recruitment organisations and staffing companies. xMP Data Services is a cloud based solution that offers different services:

  • Insight in commonly used job titles, relations between job titles, relations between job titles and skills (competences).
  • Tools to analyse client data and to get an insight in domain specific job information and how jobs are related to domain specific skills.
  • Machine learning based tools to detect implicit relations between jobs and skills.

Actonomy xMP Data Services can be used as a stand alone service or in combination with domain specific consultancy to develop client specific data models and client specific libraries (dictonaries) of HR information. As a cloud service, xMP Data Services can easily be accessed using an open API and allow to communicate directly with ATS or recruitment software.