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Talent Management firm ARM appoints new Chairman.

The ARM Group (Advanced Resource Managers) is proud to announce a strategic new hire at Executive Board level

The ARM Group (Advanced Resource Managers) is proud to announce a strategic new hire at Executive Board level.
Miles Hunt will join the firm to supply vision and imagination at the highest level. He will play an active part in shaping and achieving the Group’s business plans and help to create more value for the firm and its shareholders.

Miles’ main role is to act as a trusted advisor, supporting MD Mike Gawthorne and the rest of the Board in the running of the Group as it moves into new territories internationally.

A former lawyer with a solid track record in running Human Capital Management companies, Miles was involved in a number of successful start-up businesses prior to founding Empresaria Group where he was CEO from 1996 until the end of 2011. During this period he oversaw the evolution of Empresaria to an AIM listed international staffing company operating in 19 countries with revenues of over £200million.
T Miles will be joining the Group as it moves into new international territories and markets. He brings with him a pedigree and reputation for excellence; he has been recognised for a number of awards including Staffing Industry Entrepreneur of the Year (Recruitment International) and was a national finalist in Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year.
Former ARM Group Chairman Paul Huntingdon will remain an active participant and Executive Board member within the firm. In addition to providing strategic support to the Executive team and representing the firm externally as Group Founder, Paul will take a hands-on role in shaping the firm’s employee-focused internal culture.
Quotes from key personnel

Miles Hunt, Chairman, The ARM Group:
“ARM has been one of the most successful UK-based firms I’ve seen during the last couple of very challenging years, achieving admirable growth in difficult market conditions. Three things attracted me to the business: the success of the firm, the ambition of the management team, and the belief that I can add value with a plan to complement the businesses’ future growth.
I identify closely with, and have a lot of respect for, ARM’s senior management team - a group of people with whom I feel I have much in common, especially in their desire to deliver excellence internationally.
Mike Gawthorne, MD, The ARM Group:
“ARM has emerged from the recession a strong organisation that is poised to tackle the next stage of its growth. It’s a very exciting time to be at ARM and we’re delighted to welcome Miles Hunt to the Board. Miles has a proven track record in international business relationship development and the knowledge and experience to take ARM to the next level.”
Paul Huntingdon, Founder:
“Miles has a great deal of international experience and is a man whose intelligence and strategic knowledge I hugely admire. I know he will make a great and valuable contribution to the ARM Group. I’m not going anywhere – I remain a majority shareholder of the group with a keen interest in the business and the people within it. My philosophy in growing a business has always been: find someone better than you and hire them!”