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Zapoint, Inc.


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  • Name: Joe
  • Phone number: 617-401-3133
  • Address: 1 Broadway, 14th Floor
  • 02142
  • Cambridge
  • Massachusetts
  • United States

Zapoint develops career planning and learning technology that lets companies build more effective partnerships between HR and employees.

Founded in March 2006, Zapoint offers self-directed career management solutions for both individuals (jobster.com) and organizations (SkillsMapper). Zapoint's enterprise solutions empower individual employees to drive their own career development, by identifying skill gaps and linking individuals with informal and formal learning resources to help them achieve their career goals. HR is also provided with rich and insightful analytics to assist workforce and succession planning. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, Zapoint helps organizations engage, retain and develop their workforces, to sustain their competitive advantage. Across the world, employees use Zapoint to manage their career from both inside and outside their company. See for yourself - create a Zapoint Talent Profile and begin developing your career.