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  • Name: Abby
  • Phone number: 212-242-4703
  • Address: 5 Union Square West, 4th Floor
  • 10003
  • New York
  • New York
  • United Kingdom

By collecting and analyzing online job ads and available talent pools, WANTED provides the data needed for multinational HR departments and staffing firms to create actionable talent sourcing and workforce strategies.

WANTED Analytics is cloud-based, global data science tool, made up of more than one billion records obtained from scraping online job sites and corporate career sites. In addition to providing its own analytical products, WANTED partners with other organizations who access WANTED’s data and analytics within their ATS through an API. WANTED Analytics includes real-time hiring and historical trends for more than 11,000 occupational categories for more than 150 countries, allowing users of the tool to identify recruitment conditions for niche jobs or skill sets. Real-time hiring activity provides multinational companies and staffing firms with detailed competitive intelligence on hiring and how to overcome their recruiting challenges, while historical data provides trends and sources of potential hires.