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  • Name: Kate
  • Phone number: 01234 339339
  • United Kingdom

Because your organisation is more dependent than ever on high quality and trustworthy employees, Verifile has created a new CV Verification & Background Screening Services. It systematically checks the key personal and professional facts presented by each candidate, helping you make smart employment decisions, every time.

Verifile Services are quick, easy to use and highly affordable for businesses of every size ó with prices set per inquiry, based on the level of checking required.

What you gain by employing Verifile first:

* Dramatically reduced staff turnover cost
* Significant savings on administration overhead
* A reduced risk of recruitment fraud
* Compliance with changing Employment Regulation
* The chance to build a high quality employee base

Protect your organisation against the potentially serious effects of recruitment fraud.

ï Personal Identity ï References ï Work Experience ï Qualifications ï Professional Memberships ï Directorships ï Criminal Records ï Credit History ï