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  • Name: Stefan Sosnowski
  • Phone number: 01707 800 840
  • Address: Orion House
  • Bessemer Road
  • AL7 1HH
  • Welwyn Garden City
  • Hertfordshire
  • United Kingdom

Here at uComply we try and look at things differently. Our team have all come from a business background and recognise that it's the whole package that must be a value-add to our end customers.

So what do we do?

We help all employers and recruitment firms by ensuring you have a statutory excuse for your workers and candidates in the Right to Work process with our solution uAuthenticate.

When looking at your business activities how many of you look to compliance?

Surprisingly, it can be a great way to protect and grow your recruitment business. If you take the Right to Work process, how much value do you place on your reputation?  How many companies could afford fines running into the 10’s of thousands of pounds for a simple administrative error?  We're sure most of you will answer that business reputation is key and that fines like this would seriously damage your shareholder value.

By way of example, the UK media reported the results of a week-long operation where immigration officers targeted 280 businesses looking for illegal workers. Almost a hundred arrests! and over 68 companies were issued with penalty notices of up to £20k per illegal worker. All this because they didn’t have proof that they had carried out Right to Work document checks. To the best of our knowledge none of these companies were using a document checking solution like uAuthenticate, or they’d be in the clear.

Imagine if:

  • you had a simple, affordable solution which authenticates your candidates’ documentation against a library and gives you a Statutory Excuse protecting you from prosecution.
  • every single customer you serviced knew that you will never supply them with a worker who is illegal.
  • whilst running your business you would not miss any critical document which is going to expire and prompt you to act.
  • you could customise your process and add additional documents/questions that satisfy your clients requirements.

So, is there a solution? We believe uAuthenticate can make your imagination a reality and:

  • For a fraction of a single fine, you can have a rock-solid selling point putting you ahead of less diligent competitors.
  • As our software has the latest Home Office guidelines built in – you’ll never end up on the wrong end of a UKVI judgement.
  • Post-Brexit, Right to Work has the potential to get a whole lot trickier. So, if the goalposts shift, our software makes sure you’re always the reliable, go-to agency in your field.

With a great helpdesk and solutions that can be deployed both on your own network or on mobile devices we're sure we have a solution to address your needs.

Of course, each of your staff will also save a huge amount of time by not having to do manual checks, photocopying and filing paperwork. So, they'll increase their capacity to focus on placing staff rather than administrative tasks whilst still ensuring compliance.

So why would you not use our simple solution uAuthenticate and help to protect and grow your recruitment business?