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  • Name: Donald
  • Phone number: 020 8462 8228
  • United Kingdom

www.testsonthenet.com - the alternative source for business and work-place tests.

We provide a one-stop personality, behavioural and skill testing resource. Reliable - low cost - on or off-line - no special training required. No licensing fee.

Testsonthenet.com -
- Provides unlimited test usage for an annual fee or a specific project fee.
- Can be used to assess both job applicants and existing employees.
- Helps companies of all sizes, particularly Small & Medium Enterprises.
- We are creators of the ëDonít Interview Strangersí service, which enables you to obtain a CP* for as many job applicants as you wish for 85.00.
*A CP is the same as a CV except that it relates to personality and behaviour.
- Testsonthenet.com is committed to the use of plain language and to dispelling the myths, mystiques and dangers associated with test usage.
- Provides a free ëConsumer Guide to Testingí.