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  • Name: Michael
  • Phone number: +44 2032 866075
  • United Kingdom

Accurate & comprehensive job spidering from career sites.
Scraping quality control and jobs delivery monitoring.
Taxonomy, jobs data sync. Daily & custom scheduling.
Keyword filtering, job content clean up.

SpiderMount takes job wrapping accuracy and reliability to the next level. SpiderMount clients are confident about daily jobs delivery and timely issues reporting and resolution by the SpiderMount support service. Job boards, online recruitment services and software vendors have partnered with SpiderMount to deliver outstanding job wrapping services for their clients. Confidence in jobs delivery SpiderMount job wrapping service ensures comprehensive jobs coverage and accurate posting to recipient databases. Job wrapping clients can rest assured that all jobs are correctly copied and posted to target job board or recruitment system. Due to enhanced reporting/issues resolution, SpiderMount clients' resources are freed from the burden of daily verification of jobs availability, quality of postings and angry customer claims. Seamless support SpiderMount's support team tracks changes and fixes issues overnight, prior to them influencing client's job listings. Our sophisticated reporting system identifies changes preventing a job from being scraped and posted correctly, i.e. source career site change, unexpected content update or ATS upgrade. Our dedicated support team provides timely resolution, followed by comprehensive reporting. Improved quality of job listings Precise job wrapping provides a flexible and comprehensive means for improving original jobs content: filtering jobs, converting and cleaning vacancy content, replacing contact and other data, assigning correct titles or industry categories via taxonomy, etc. Effortless integration SpiderMount job wrapping service connects to numerous job boards, ATS APIs, career sites, proprietary recruitment systems, job posting technology vendors, social networks and mobile applications to deliver and maintain up-to-date job listings. About SpiderMount Job wrapping is provided by SpiderMount, a jobs spidering service division of Aspen Technology Labs. SpiderMount provides multi-language job wrapping globally, currently serving clients in the US, UK and Australia. Aspen Technology Labs is a leading online recruitment solutions provider since 2002.