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  • Name: Josh
  • Phone number: +1 (224) 545-5599
  • Address: 1500 Skokie Blvd
  • Suite 101
  • Northbrook, IL
  • 60062
  • United States

Spark Hire is the fastest growing video interviewing company in the world. Offering a completely branded one-way and live video interview platform, Spark Hire helps companies eliminate phone screens, gain more insight on candidates, and make amazing hires. No contracts, no setup fees. Unlimited video interviews starting at $49/month. For more information, visit www.sparkhire.com.

Spark Hire provides intuitive, cloud-based video interviewing solutions that aim to subtract time and cost out of the hiring process, as well as eliminate the need for traditional screening and interviewing methods that are known to be inefficient and outdated. Spark Hire is known for its best value, offering superior customer service, incredible features, and affordable pricing starting at $49 per month, no contracts or setup fees. Along with making no commitments, companies can also upgrade or change their account at any time. Spark Hire pricing plans include unlimited video interviews, regardless of interview type. Spark Hire offers the following interview types: One-Way Video Interviews: These are pre-recorded video interviews in which an employer sends interview questions to candidates who record video answers completely on their own time. Recorded Live Video Interviews: These are recorded video interviews in which an employer and job candidate connect face to face in real-time via webcam. Additional Features: - Company Profile & Customizable Brand Settings - Open Interview Invitation - Shareable Interview Recordings - Interview Tagging, Commenting & Ratings - Mobile App - Video Resumes and Candidate Profiles - Multiple User Access