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Skillsarena Limited


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  • Name: Vicki Mann
  • Phone number: 0203 693 2201
  • United Kingdom

Skillsarena provide powerful online tools that support your talent management. Skills tests deliver real-time results, make your recruitment process less painful and enable you to select, develop and retain talented staff.

We help you make confident, informed hiring and development decisions, increasing right first time employment, reducing cost of hire and improving employee retention.

As well as skills tests, we also provide other online tools that support your talent management including Psychometric profiling, E-learning, 360 reviews, Microsoft training and more.

Our products are tried and tested, highly flexible and reliable. We work with small, local businesses and global corporations alike with a 95% renewal rate. We are ethical, flexible and highly responsive, providing you with a consistent point of contact.  

It’s all about people...your best asset, your largest overhead, your greatest opportunity.