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  • Name: Gina
  • Phone number: +44 7957 306 706
  • Address: 2 Merchant Court
  • 61 Wapping Wall
  • E1W 3SJ
  • London
  • United Kingdom

Representing Shadowmatch in the UK. Shadowmatch is the highly contextual and globally used tool that measures the behavioural habits of your most successful performers and creates a benchmark from these profiles against which to compare potential candidates. The closer the match of the candidate to the benchmark, the greater the probability that the candidate will be successful in that same role in the same work environment. Shadowmatch provides a scientific means to match and move your people to success.

What if there was a way to scientifically measure the likelihood of a person performing well in a particular environment that relied not on their personality and potential but on how closely their actual behavioural habits matched those of the most successful performers in that specific work environment? Such a tool would bring recruiters and HR professionals a great deal of certainty about who they were appointing and would minimize costly recruitment mistakes. Shadowmatch® is such a tool, currently used globally in the US, South Africa and Australia and now available in the UK. It measures the behavioural habits of the top performers in any role, team or department in an organisation, and combines their profiles to create a benchmark of the shared habits of these successful people. Finding others with the same behavioural habits who are also likely to succeed in that particular work environment, doing the same role under the same conditions, then becomes easy. Why measure habits? Different to measuring potential and underlying personality traits, habits are extremely reliable predictors of behaviour. They repeat themselves across any context and are dependable indicators of how a person is likely to behave in and respond to situations without a lot of conscious thought and planning. As such, Shadowmatch® is very much concerned with what people actually do, rather than what they might do, and it measures the ‘what’ rather than the ‘why’ of success. When a close match is found between a candidate’s behavioural habits and the similar habits of the most successful people in a particular role and work context, then the certainty that this will be a successful appointment is significantly increased. Shadowmatch® is part of the next generation of assessment tools that paint a clear picture of how likely someone is to perform in a role before they are even hired. It can be adapted to any organisational structure and sits comfortably alongside existing recruitment methods and performance management systems. The Shadowmatch® system has multiple features that extend beyond recruitment, including its use for redeployment, creating high performing teams, succession planning and employee development. It represents a highly flexible, cost-effective and timely workforce optimization system that enables recruitment and HR professionals to place people with greater precision and confidence, increased success and reduced costs. The result is finding, hiring and redeploying talented employees who will drive organisational efficiency and performance, and business growth.