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  • Name: Mark
  • Phone number: 0870 787 6611
  • United Kingdom

Qikker Solutions deliver results-driven hiring and resource management solutions to winning organisations that understand the bottom line impact of failing to manage their available talent. PROSPECTOR is Qikker Solutions flagship on-line recruitment application. Launched in 2002 as Europeís first MS.Net e-recruitment tool, PROPSECTOR offers the following features;

Client configurable workflow technology for multiple process support (Process Builder)
SAP and PeopleSoft integration enabled versions (via XML Web Services)
Client branded front, and back end options
Candidate communication module (SMS, e-mail & mail merge)
Channel management capability (Job board, press, agencies etc.)
Intuitive highly configurable architecture
Seamless integration with complimentary third party tools (via XML Web Services)
ASP (Qikker hosts) & Enterprise (client hosts) options
Fast implementation and Rapid ROI approach

PROSPECTOR delivers the right functionality, on the right platform.