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  • Name: Eva Zils
  • United Kingdom

Online-Recruiting.net is an international consulting firm both for employers and job boards that are looking to expand internationally.

A native German, Eva Zils is today a trilingual online recruitment freelance consultant. She has worked in and from France since 2004. Since then, her focus lies on global market developments and strategies of relevant recruitment classified players which she also depicts and comments on her internationally renowned HR blogs (mainly on www.online-recruiting.net) in English, French and German. In her past and present she has been consulting companies in their online recruiting and HR communication concepts and media planning. Apart from that, Eva writes about and consults leading international online recruitment players in their efforts to improve their business strategy. The blog Online-Recruiting.net has been launched in 2007. Today, it counts among the Top 10 online HR resources in the German-speaking world. Next to job board news and strategies, topics related to social media and mobile recruitment are treated.