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myInterview Video Interview Software is a premium and customised solution that brings resumes to life in assisting companies pre-screen potential candidates through one-way video interviews. We streamline the hiring process, enabling companies to setup interviews & invite candidates within minutes on any platform from anywhere in the world and collaborate with their team on hiring decisions. Available as a stand alone or integrated solution for companies who experience: rapid growth, remote hiring or inefficiency in their hiring workflow.

myInterview provides a premium, customised one-way video interview solution that brings resumes to life. Employers use myInterview to pre-screen potential candidate to ensure only the most suited is called in for a face-face interview, saving time and money in this process. Recruiters use myInterview to pre-screen candidates and send their digital profiles to clients adding value in the process through video interviews, resume's and feedback options. myInterview software provides users with the capability to pre-screen 10 candidate interviews in the same time as three phone interviews. Setting up a myInterview merely takes minutes and enables you to customize up to 10 scenario-based, behavioural or analytical questions with custom time limits and video questions available. Companies can introduce themselves to the candidate through introduction videos and have their branding across all emails and recording screens the candidate views. myInterview is available as a stand-alone solution or through our API we can integrate seamlessly into your current HR software. All training is provided and please contact us to find out more information. With myInterview you only need to interview the best candidates face-to-face, saving you time and streamlining the recruitment process.