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  • Name: Maria
  • Phone number: 00356 21220303
  • Malta

MISCO assists businesses in a large variety of sectors to select and recruit the best talent for their organisations. This service, which has been offered since 1984, saves time and gives the benefit of advertising under the MISCO name when seeking well qualified and experienced staff in positions related to management, finance, IT, sales, marketing, human resources and administration.

We also offer the service of keeping a database of prospective job seekers. This database is updated regulary with new CVs we receive and it is a reliable source used by clients who are looking for persons to fill their vacant posts.

MISCO also conducts psychometric tests for candidates. These tests use standardised samples of behaviour to help appraise candidates' aptitudes and abilities. They are being used as tools, which help in the decision-making process and are complementing the interview.