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MESO Marketing Ltd


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  • Name: Mike
  • Phone number: 01344 636312
  • United Kingdom

MESO is passionate about marketing recruitment companies. Why? Because we have more than 20 years’ experience of working within the recruitment industry, undertaking marketing for and within a range of recruitment companies enabling them to fulfil their potential and reach new levels of profitability.

We provide Marketing Insight, Strategy and Delivery, with each one designed to suit your business. One size definitely does not fit all! From defining strategy to measuring ROI, event management to website development, online marketing to printed materials, staff communications to advertising, market research to social networking – we have the expertise to quickly understand your business, rise to the challenge and provide cost effective marketing solutions to ensure you can achieve your goals – whatever size they are. Our service is flexible, modular and tailored to provide you with the increased profile or business growth opportunities that you need. We can work on projects or as retained consultants, either way we work at our very best as part of your team..