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LynxPro Connects The Best Tech Contractors with Companies needing IT leading skills

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  • Name: Fabiola
  • Phone number: 01183 130 260
  • Address: Ascot House
  • Finchampstead Road
  • RG40 2NW
  • Wokingham
  • United Kingdom

Brand new service and the only of its kind in the UK: LynxPro is a network that focuses purely on technology’s cutting-edge contractors. Contractors will be available in a matter of days. And as soon as a project is finished they can come back to the network to look for more jobs. The same applies to clients, which can come back to hire more talents as often as they need. With an eye on the future, the focus is on new technologies and skills such as: Virtual Reality, Augmented reality, Big Data, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Data Science, Mobile apps, Cloud, etc. The goal is to create a community, and to match only the most advanced, demanding vacancies with carefully selected contractors of the highest qualification and calibre. The online service includes a number of features to simplify administrative tasks for employers and candidates alike, but also a blog, opportunity to participate in events, meetups and forums to discuss tech trends. Matthew Smith, managing director commented that the core principles of LynxPro are: “We’re committed to making this portal a selective environment where only the most advanced and highly technical vacancies are matched with only the best and most qualified candidates. We understand the industry has a need to find these highly skilled professionals quickly and often” he said. “And we’ll still be providing the same level of expertise, experience and genuine care that has made us stand out for years.” At the moment the service is available in the UK, but there are plans to expand soon. This new service can be viewed at: https://lynxpro.com