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iintegra incorporates all the elements of a traditional Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with many additional features to help save time and money whilst at the same time helping to build your companies recruitment "brand"

iintegra is a global solution harnessing the latest technologies to empower organisations to source and recruit the best talent. 

Being a platform, iintegra doesn’t tell you how to recruit; instead, you tell iintegra how you want to recruit. iintegra can be easily customised to recruit your way, with user defined automated workflows that streamline the recruitment process, reducing the time and cost per hire thus increasing your return on investment. iintegra has an advanced job posting engine built right into its core, using this engine, you can evaluate the number and quality of the applications you receive. iintegra learns which job boards are best for your jobs and subsequently guides your choices. iintegra also provides applicants with a superior application experience, delivering a fast, interactive process that improves communication with all applicants no matter how far they get through your process. So how does iintegra achieve this? - All communications from iintegra are logged making the application process transparent for recruiters and applicants, which can be accessed at any time through a self-service portal. - iintegra can be customised to your branding requirements - iintegra works on any device from a PC to Tablet to Smart phones Simple 2 way communication with automatic event and task notifications for both recruiters and applicants. For the recruiter, finding the best applicant couldn’t be easier. With iintegra’s automated workflow you only need to act upon an application at key points that you pre-define. This might be to review a completed application, or to book an applicant in for interview, it’s up to you. Unsuccessful applicants can be notified automatically and appropriately, reducing your administration time massively and with iintegra’s near real time reporting you can easily evaluate advert performance and applicant quality.