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  • Name: Simon
  • Phone number: 0161 235 8540
  • Address: 57 Hilton Street
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Much more than just beautiful, award-winning recruitment software, Hiring-Hub.com will connect you to hundreds of specialist recruitment agencies that will compete to fill your vacancy for a fixed fee you set. What's more, you can manage your entire recruitment process in the cloud, for free.

Hiring-Hub.com is an award winning web-based SaaS platform that has been built to make recruitment more efficient. At its core is an online recruitment marketplace. This acts as a gateway, connecting employers to a nationwide network of approved recruitment agencies who compete to fill the employers' roles for a fixed fee that the employer sets. The marketplace is free to use, and is a useful platform for those businesses seeking to fix their recruitment costs and access a wider pool of talent, one which is beyond the reach of their direct sourcing strategy and/or Preferred Supplier List. Thanks to its market-leadinng and award-winning in-built Applicant Tracking System and Vendor Management Tool, businesses can easily manage their entire recruitment cycle from one central, cloud-based hub. It costs nothing to register and nothing to upload a vacancy onto the marketplace. This vacancy is broadcast to our network of approved recruitment agencies anonymously, to shield you from unsolicited calls. Agencies that have suitable candidates will request to engage with you, and agree to work on your vacancy for a placement fee you set. You only pay this fee if your campaign is successful. The marketplace lets you decide which agencies to work with. Only those you approve can submit CVs. In short, it is a neat way to quickly access an approved network of specialist recruitment agencies while keeping a tight reign on your recruitment process and third-party agency costs.