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  • Name: Ian
  • Phone number: 01827 707680
  • Address: 5 Torridge, Hockley, Tamworth, Staffordshire B77 5QL
  • Tamworth
  • Staffordshire
  • United Kingdom

Hiring a factoring broker is the best way for a recruitment company to avoid bad practices in its invoice financing. Factoring Solutions puts its decades of experience to use when searching for the best recruitment factoring deals and conditions, tailor-made for your company's needs.

Factoring Solutions offers a broker service to recruitment companies looking for the best factoring rates and conditions in the UK (& Northern Ireland). Factoring for recruitment companies has been the fastest growing industry sector for factoring companies. This rapid growth has lead to the invention of bad practices and has made it increasingly hard for recruitment companies to sustain their profits. A recruitment company's greatest asset is the outstanding debt out to it - and Ian Johnston, the creator of Factoring Solutions and a factoring broker with decades of experience, can make sure it's not taken advantage of. Call us at (+44) 01827 707680 for free advice on the factoring service you desire!