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  • Name: Alan Redman
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Over the last 25 years, Criterion has earned a reputation as a leading provider of business psychology products, technologies, and consultancy.

Criterion delivers flexible online psychometric solutions that can powerfully predict performance for the purposes of recruitment, selection and talent management. Our assessments are run through Coast, an intuitive assessment platform that employs cutting-edge design principles that are built to reflect the demands of modern organisations and their test-takers. Boasting a large portfolio of aptitude and personality assessments, Criterion pride themselves on delivering psychometrics that are statistically robust and grounded in research and validation. As well as accurately predicting job performance, our psychometrics have been designed with the candidate in mind, incorporating occupationally-relevant contexts and scenarios that help to make the assessment experience both engaging and thought-provoking. Alongside our assessments we offer a suite of reports designed for your every need, enabling you to gain powerful insights about people at work. Through this, Criterion has helped organisations from around the world to improve their efficiency, impact and return on investment when attracting and retaining the best talent