ClearHub specialises in IT contractors for the Atlassian suite (Jira, Confluence, etc), DevOps, Agile and more. Ideal for recruiters looking for specialist skills for a project or to support an existing team on a medium to long-term basis.

The world of recruitment is changing and nowhere is this more evident that in IT. The skills gap has made it near impossible to source the right people and even harder to retain them.

The number of highly skilled freelancers in the UK has grown by 46% to two million since 2008, and is outpacing overall self-employment growth. Smart recruiters aren't fighting this trend, they're embracing it.

Beyond all the buzzwords and BS there's a real benefit to hiring contractors - flexibility, reduced costs and reduced risk. ClearHub offer a bespoke service, matching you with contractors that have been vetted and tested by our expert team.

'What's more, if you're not completely satisfied, we'll replace them free of charge. The contractors we specialise in are:

- Atlassian contractors (including our most popular Jira contractors)
- Agile contractors
- DevOps contractors
- Software developers

If you're looking to add some flexibility or expertise to your workforce, get in touch.'

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