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<p>Central Test is one of the leading publishers of online psychometric tests in Europe, serving more than 3500 clients, HR professionals and companies, in over 50 countries. The company provides scientifically validated assessments for recruitment, employees evaluation and talent management process.</p>

Our mission is simple – “To help companies and organizations make the best hiring decisions.”

In today’s global scenario having the right people in the right job counts. When it comes to identifying talent within or outside the organization, all of us want to have something more than just the C.V., something which can give us better insights about an individual and help in predicting his or her future performance.

Our range of psychometric assessments coupled with our experience help you understand and analyze the right people when it comes to hiring/promoting people. Our tools have been created after intensive scientific study along with ongoing extensive research which helps organizations to select the most suitable performers.

Central Test is here to help and build the most effective workforces and we would love to have you on board.