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Since 2006, CATS is a full-featured, web-based applicant tracking system for recruiters and HR professionals. Accessible from any browser or mobile device, users can manage the entire tracking process from posting jobs to leading job boards and social networks to generating customized reports. Users can collect applications with the highly customizable, hosted career portal and find the right candidates with powerful searching capabilities. Visit www.catsone.com or call 1 (952) 373-4010.

Job boards, social networks, interviews and submissions—it's a lot to manage. You need a tool that minimizes tedious manual tasks so you can focus on the meaningful aspects of your work. 

There wasn’t anything on the market that met our own needs as a recruiting firm. That’s why we built CATS in 2006. Since then we’ve dropped the recruiting firm part of our business and focus strictly on our ATS. We've improved and refined CATS into a system trusted by more than 1,500 HR and recruiting companies. 

With CATS you can...

  • • Post jobs to multiple boards and social networks with a single click and have candidates apply on your CATS hosted career portal. 
  • • Quickly search candidate profiles and resumes. Find just the right candidates with advanced boolean searches. 
  • • Forward an email to CATS and automatically create a candidate profile. 
  • • Add candidates directly from LinkedIn, Monster and others with our Firefox toolbar. 
  • • Send targeted mass emails from inside CATS. 
  • • And much more! 

Take a look at http://catsone.com to learn more and sign up for a free demo.