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AIRS, the industry’s only organisation to qualify and certify professional recruiters, prepares you for today’s most competitive recruitment and resourcing market. Our certification program takes aim at passive and active candidate searches using all aspects of the latest recruitment strategies including internet resourcing, social resourcing, and professional recruiting tactics.

AIRS expert trainers drive ongoing research dedicated to the development of next-generation resourcing and recruitment methods. Investing in AIRS training guarantees you are on the cutting-edge of candidate generation concepts and strategies.

Transform How You Think About Resourcing If you think candidate resourcing is about posting jobs and searching CV databases, AIRS Training will change your mind. The brightest talent is online and can be found with a few simple key strokes... but you've got to know how to find them. Give us one day and we'll teach you everything you need to know to unearth the best passive candidates on the Internet. Lower Your Resourcing Costs! AIRS shows you how to find great, highly qualified candidates using FREE resources and tools on the web. After attending AIRS Training, you will be able to find qualified candidates...without spending money on job postings, CV databases, or other recruiting technology. Get Certified! AIRS Certification proves that you have completed a rigorous course of training and have acquired cutting edge resourcing skills. AIRS Certifications are powerful career tools for recruitment professionals. They are the most highly-regarded industry certifications that talent acquisition professionals can earn to demonstrate their mastery of the tactics and strategies required to resource, recruit, and hire top talent. Quality You Can Trust! AIRS is one of the world's largest recruitment training companies and our courses are the cornerstone for any recruitment professional that wants to be at the top of their game. AIRS Training workshops have helped hundreds of thousands of recruiters from numerous major global companies and every major staffing firm take their internet recruiting skills to the next level. AIRS has a long history of excellence and quality, and that excellence isn't just a function of great research. All AIRS trainers are experienced professionals with extensive recruiting backgrounds and cutting-edge internet recruiting skills. More Than Just A Seminar...A Solution When you take an AIRS course, you aren't just taking a class...you are investing in a solution. All AIRS Alumni have access to unlimited search and technical support from the AIRS Support Team.