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  • Name: Adam
  • Phone number: 02080 887700
  • Address: 102 Newton House
  • Birchwood Business Park
  • WA3 6FW
  • Warrington
  • Cheshire
  • United Kingdom

Accredited Skills provide online courses designed to give job seekers the knowledge, skills and confidence in the competencies employers request most often.

Our philosophy is to give knowledge, skills and confidence to job seekers by offering online courses with a difference. Have you ever sat on a 7 hour training courses and walked away thinking “they could have taught me all of that in an hour if they cut out all the breaks and tedious icebreakers” or taken an eLearning course and thought it was more like “death by PowerPoint” . We have been producing eLearning for a while now but we’ve always been a little bit embarrassed about how boring they can be and how long it takes to get through a small amount of information. There’s been a huge rise in the use of short explainer videos on the internet that use interesting animations and characterful voiceover artists to explain things really simply in plain English. We have known for a long time that it’s the 20% of what people do that brings 80% of the result anyway. So we had an idea to take the best of explainer videos, the best of eLearning and combine the two to deliver the 20% that matters so that the course can deliver the knowledge, skills and confidence in the quickest time possible to candidates. We’ve used best practice techniques and Accelerated Learning Techniques to aid the learning process. Such as: • Story telling – Makes knowledge more memorable • Gamification – makes dull content more interesting • Questioning – challenges learners to think and be creative • Repetition – drives home key takeaways • Allowing failure – Some activities allow learners to learn from their mistakes • Modelling success – we show success stories and the behaviours which can be copied from proven strategies Knowledge: All courses are assessed and certified which gives the learner the ability to demonstrate their achievement. Skills: Our courses suggest real-world challenges which the users can complete offline and further study ideas to continue to develop their skill. Confidence: And as a bonus, each course includes a section on how to answer competency based interview questions on the subject which they have just studied using plenty of positive reinforcement to build their confidence to discuss their skills. We appreciate that recruitment agents aren't going to make training their priority so we decided to create a suite of courses which recruitment agents can white label as their own. There’s no upfront cost, we provide all of the support, customer service and admin. Essentially we do all of the work but the agencies can have 50% of the profit for any of sales they make.