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  • Name: Udo
  • Phone number: 0031407009709
  • Address: Keizersveld 89D
  • 5803AP
  • Venray
  • Limburg
  • United Kingdom

Qreer B.V. is an independent European technical career board specialized in Science, Software, Engineering, and Technology. We enable European companies to post vacancies and internships; and applicants to search and apply for these positions that are spread throughout Europe.

The founders of Qreer B.V. have developed a concept: a website based on the latest technologies. Qreer.com is a website comprising  of  technical  based  profiles,  showcasing 18  educational  backgrounds;  and  over  150  specialties from  candidates  and  companies  all  over  Europe.
Qreer.com is a reliable partner for recruiting highly qualified (BSc, MSc, and Ph.D.) technical professionals having the sole intention of offering specialized and cost effective recruitment solutions to both recruiters / employers as well as applicants.
Qreer.com offers a wide and diverse database of students, juniors, mid-career and senior jobseekers with expertise in the fields of mechanical, aerospace, physics, software, biomedical, chemical, electrical, mechatronics, micro/nano technology, architecture, civil, industrial, and many more.
Unlike other job sites, Qreer.com provides a wide range of jobs across Europe and a unique platform for recruiters to choose amongst scientists, engineers, and technologists.
Qreer is the only website with such a narrow and specific reach;  there  is  no  other  specialized  website  where candidates can easily and quickly apply for the best jobs in Science, Software, Engineering, and Technology across Europe