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  • Name: Nigel
  • Phone number: 07976644846
  • Address: 97 elton road
  • DL3 8NA
  • Darlington
  • United Kingdom

We find the one, you find the time

With over 40 years combined experience in Sales, Marketing and Recruitment, we are well placed to handle your staffing needs, specialising in Health and Social, we can provide the right candidates for you. We aim to seek permanent employment for healthcare professionals with the skills & qualifications to provide excellence in all areas of engagement with clients and workers. Optimal Recruit offers employment to people on the basis of their qualifications, skills and experience and potential for the work to be performed at its highest level. We ensure that every staff member has the most appropriate, recent and relevant experience for the field in which they wish to practice. We understand that our name and reputation is built on the competence and conduct of the potential staff members we put forward to clients and therefore recruit candidates based on their professionalism and work ethic.