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  • Name: Rinat
  • Address: Even Gvirol 166
  • Tel Aviv
  • Israel
  • Israel

JobCity is a job portal providing services to job seekers and recruiter. the service is free for the candidates. The job portal contains positions from all areas, locations and expertise. In addition the portal offers the additional services such as, checkout of CV, CV writing, resume booster and more.

JobCity is provide candidates and recruiters a platform for finding jobs and employees. The platform allows candidates to create an online profile contains the personal details, employees history, preferences etc. candidates can create an agent with their profile to get notified on new positions published on the job portal. Many additional services are offered to the candidates by professional career advisors that allow them to better manage their career and job seeking process. Recruiter can publish position by creating an online profile that will match with the candidates profile, that way, recruiter can access a data base of the most matched candidates to the profile.