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The Sales Floor


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  • Name: Adam
  • Phone number: 07818088146
  • Address: The Old Studio,
  • 32 Voltaire Road
  • Clapham North Art Centre
  • SW4 6DH
  • London
  • United Kingdom

A Sales Specialist Job Board and Sourcing Platform for Employers

Welcome to The Sales Floor, a sales specialist job board created by sales people, for sales people. For job hunters- We work with some of the best UK Employers across all industries. For Employers- We provide completely unique, proactive services over and above traditional advertising giving you the best chance of finding strong sales candidates directly. We’re a Sales Specialist job board and sourcing platform, designed on the principles of saving employers time, and money vs using recruitment agencies. We have some key services that make us stand out from traditional job boards- three main differences being: Proactive sourcing Many employers simply don’t have the time to sit and resource on all their roles, which is often why they pass them out to agencies. For this reason, within 24 hours of your role going live you will be presented with a selection of relevant passive candidates from social media for you to contact and engage with directly. These are strong, passive candidates, picked based on their location, experience and background, many of whom will be keeping one eye on the market but not necessarily looking on boards. 93% of lists result in interviews, making this service one of the most valuable we can offer- it saves employers a huge amount of time and money vs recruitment agencies. Crucially – This is a service you can use as many times as you want throughout the month- you’re not limited to just one list. You can have as many names as you want sent to you. Targeted advertising If required, we can also set up targeted advertising across social media which will only be shown to people in relevant job titles, industries, locations and even companies on places like LinkedIn, or Facebook. CV filtering As an additional, free service we do also offer CV filtering, whereby we can direct all applications to us initially and send on only those relevant ones, saving you key time by not having to sift through irrelevant applications.