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The idea behind SpaceJobMarket.com is simple: to place you within reaching distance of tangible contacts that can provide opportunities based on the skills that you really enjoy using.

The website is a dedicated network for space professionals, or at least people interested in the Space industry. The scope of having a dedicated website provides people with a richer experience because you can make it more than just a job board, but more a community. We work on the assumption that you are proud to work in the industry, and hence not afraid to show it! We are not only trying to help you to secure your professional future but also to promote an awareness of all the opportunities out there through a community. Let's face it, in our industry and in this modern age there is a myriad of possibility and the motive and need to be flexible is an important one. Above all this community is really designed for people who are passionate about building their network, building their skills and awareness.