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The idea for Pharma Job arose in 2003. We believe that the existing job databases on the Internet is too time consuming and that they lack focus. Pharma Job was therefore founded with the vision to create a targeted job database of extra high quality. Get the right candidate for the job Pharma Job is as the name suggests, only for people with experience, or training that can be used in pharmaceutical - or biotech industries. We have chosen to focus on this industry, to be a serious and professional partner when you need to hire new employees. Better value for money Besides exposure to Pharma-Jobs "own" candidates are vacancies created by us shown in several other Danish websites no additional cost. jobagent email to relevant candidates Our unique IntelliMatch technology ensures that all new vacancy will be matched against the candidate profiles we have in the database. When a candidate's profile matches a nyopslået position sent an email to the person with information about the position. Indents you a job advertisement on Pharma Job today, there will be in the night being sent out emails to all the candidates who are enrolled in our IntelliMatch Job Agent and satisfying the requirements of the job. In this way, the job also exposed to those of our graduates who do not want to have a publicly searchable profile, and therefore can not be found by searching the database. Get started immediately Pharma Job system is easy to use, and you can quickly set up your business and start searching for new employees. Feel free to call us at tel. 70 23 81 55 to get a "guided tour" through the system. If you want to save time, you can also just send your vacancy to info@pharma-job.dk , so we put them on Pharma-Job within hours without extra cost. You can even create your business with us the same. The establishment is free and allows you to instantly search the candidate database.