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Jobs for travellers is a dedicated job board of backpacker jobs and jobs for travellers, including farming jobs and fruit picking jobs in Australia.

We cover all sectors and employer types, from blue chip employers to those wanting casual workers for a few days. No matter if you are looking to get sponsored and stay long term or just looking for a a bit of extra cash if you are on a working holiday visa then there is bound to be a job to suit.  Jobs for travellers ethos is that you should spend your days enjoying your travels and not hours in front of the computer trawling through job websites or walking the streets looking for and applying for jobs, many of which will not employ travellers orbackpackers.  We have relationships with 100's of backpacker employers but  ensure you are have access to the largest number of jobs available we also use search technology to gather suitable jobs from major and minor job boards and publications all over Australia allowing you to save time job hunting and more time travelling