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  • Name: James Hasler
  • Phone number: 07834776826
  • Address: Barclays Digital Lab
  • 1 Preston Road
  • BN1 4QU
  • Brighton
  • United Kingdom

Jobrapido is the world’s leading job search engine. As industry frontrunners Jobrapido is shaping a new standard in online job searching, thanks to its pioneering technology and innovative products that allows Jobrapido to analyze and aggregate job listings from all over the web, so that candidates can find all relevant jobs in one place.

Established in 2006, Jobrapido has achieved unprecedented global popularity. The Company lists over 20 million jobs every month, records 35 million unique users per month and has more than 70 million registered users. From its headquarters in Milan, Jobrapido conducts business in 58 countries, where it matches the right candidates with the right roles at thousands of companies around the world, helping companies to get qualified candidates on demand. Since April of 2014, Jobrapido is part of Symphony Technology Group (STG).

Jobrapido is the world’s leading job search engine and a top 3 partner to Google in terms of search collaboration. A highly successful organisation in the recruitment industry with a global footprint in 58 countries our new talent acquisition solution across Europe provides employers certainty, predictability and measurable results in candidate resourcing. Employers can now pay for actual candidate applications and not just traffic; and at the right cost, at the right time and in the right geography.

The key benefits of our service are:

1. On demand delivery of candidates, namely providing an active campaigning modular service "tailor made" for high volumes of candidates

2. Pay for performance on an application basis.

3. Efficiency and continuous improvement – through collaborative transparency of performance we provide improved ROI compared to current forms of recruitment.

By utilising active campaigning of our more than 70 million strong candidate community and a variety of skilled digital marketing activities, our technology savvy, data driven organisation combines key account management, data analysis and sophisticated targeting techniques to solve clients’ recruitment challenges and on a real time basis. We offer a truly strategic partnership approach in an industry not always strongly associated with long term relationship building and measurable results. Employers with over 500 staff or a regular recruitment requirement can now take better control of their candidate demand needs. In essence giving you control and more visibility in your hiring funnel. More candidate choice, greater certainty of your hiring funnel and reduced cost.