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  • Name: Candice
  • Phone number: 27 11 789-1808
  • United Kingdom

We are the premier online recruitment site in South Africa at www.jobs.co.za. <br>
JobNavigator is not just a Job Bulletin Board, but a Career Network powered by technology. We do not store CVs and job ads in plain text format, but through a structured skill profile database. This allows us to be more accurate in statistically matching job seekers to jobs. Our technology allows us to target candidates intelligently and personally, with the jobs best suited to them. Each candidate is presented with their personal list of Top 10 Jobs, inviting them to respond to the ones they are most suited for. This results in quality, rather than quantity candidates responding to jobs. <br>
JobNavigator saves the candidate time, as they do not have to search through an endless list of irrelevant jobs and saves the recruiter time by only dealing with the most suitable candidates. <br>
We specialise in IT, engineering, financial services, media & marketing, sales, human resources, office support and administration.