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  • Name: Harry
  • Address: Office 3, The Maple Suite
  • Guardian House
  • GU7 2AE
  • Godalming
  • Surrey
  • United Kingdom

HMPJobs is the first Careers Hub of its kind, specialising in promoting Offender Management career opportunities at a local level in the Justice sector.

We are rapidly developing an engaged community of Offender Management specialists and building a strong social media presence. We provide engaging content to our community such as newsletters, case studies, and features on the employers within the sector. By investing in extensive online advertising, e-crm and social media campaigns we will quickly establish ourselves as the destination Careers Hub for Offender Management jobs. We give prisons a platform to promote their individual establishments, providing local and varied information about careers within the prison service. Working with both reform and normal prisons, we provide valuable insights into what it is like to work at the different establishments and the differences between the two. We have previously launched www.OlassJobs.co.uk, a Careers Hub focused on offender learning jobs. We have successfully filled over 1,000 vacancies within the education departments of prisons and attracted candidates to numerous careers events that are specially designed to give candidates first-hand experience of working in the sector.