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  • Name: Neil
  • Phone number: 0845 877 0064
  • Address: Holden House
  • 57 Rathbone Place
  • W1T 1JU
  • London
  • United Kingdom

Caterer.com is the UK’s leading hospitality recruitment website, matching hospitality professionals with great employers in the hotel, restaurant, pub, bar, food service and public sector. <br><Br>

Jobseekers visit: www.caterer.com<br>
Recruiters visit: recruiters.caterer.com

Why use Caterer.com?

Caterer.com have the largest pool of local hospitality candidates

• 1 in 5 hospitality jobseekers use Caterer.com to look for a job*
• We attract candidates from every region and sector in the UK.
• Over 10,000 new candidates register with us every month.

Source: *based on the total number of people working in the hospitality sector and the total number of unique users that visit Caterer.com


We have a very simple process for advertising on Caterer.com.

Simply choose:

• Whether you want to advertise one or multiple jobs online yourself or whether you want advice from our specialist team
• How long you want your advert to be live for.
• What you want the advert to look like.
• How you want to receive your applications…
then we do the hard work for you.

We work in partnership with the industry

• By providing jobs and career advice to professionals looking to work in hospitality.
• By supporting organisations such as The BHA, AA Hotel Services and Springboard and HIT Scotland.
• By conducting and sharing research with the industry via reports such as The Hospitality Employment Index - (www.caterer.com/HEI).
• By recognising employers that invest in their employees via awards such as The Best Employers in Hospitality Awards - (www.bestemployersinhospitality.com).

Call us today on 0845 877 0064 or visit: www.caterer.com