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Employment Service is a national authority which is found throughout the country. We have 320 employment agencies in eleven so-called market areas. Headquartered in Stockholm and Employment Service is headed by the Director General.

Our mission, long-term goals and tasks, comes from parliament and government, and is formulated in an instruction for the Employment Service. Our overall goal is to make it easier for job seekers and employers to find each other and to prioritize support to people who are far from the labor market. Our responsibility is also to ensure that unemployment insurance acts as an adjustment insurance.

Employment Service has a coordinating responsibility for certain new arrivals in the labor market. The mission is to give newcomers the right conditions to move as quickly as possible learn Swedish, find work and able to support themselves. In our mission also includes vocational rehabilitation in cooperation with the Social Insurance. Active Ethylene helps more people with reduced work due to a disability or illness can start working again.